Monday, December 20, 2010

Awesome and sad

Okay guess what i just learned how to knit!!!
It is awsome all you do is go under the brige and over the brige it is so easy.

This weekend my mom and I visited a favorite store in our old neighborhood nolita. They took a photo of me and put it on their blog... erica tanov

Anyway when my mom and I got home yesterday -
we heard that my old principle has cancer.

I have been very sad because I really love her, her name is Meryl and it is hard to think that somebody you love has cancer :( keep her in your prayers.

Enough of this sadness thats going on in the world.

I just needed to tell you guys that when I was doing my HW I was surfing for some pics and I found this awesome bed.

Isn't it awesome I really want this bed!

another adventure by lola stam

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