Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday I told you that I am doing my blog on Saturdays only, but I am itching to tell you viewers that I am doing my blog on the weekENDs. Right now I am in my living room thinking that me and my family might go to the Botanical Gardens.

Yeaaaa!!! I just talked to my mom and dad and we are going to the Botanical Gardens.
I will send you all pictures from my visit. Ohh that reminds me, here is a picture from yesterday going to my awesome art class.
check out my new glasses they were my moms from 20 years ago.
A story by: lola lem


  1. Lola! I love your blog :) you look super super cool here, your mum's shades are nice too.


  2. hi lexie
    how is miami - good i hope.
    are you still driving that hot smoken car of yours
    hope to see you soon love lola